Intermodal Shipping
Increase your freight options with our intermodal transportation service


Increase your freight options with our intermodal transportation service

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Intermodal Services

In the logistics industry, many of our competitors make the mistake of putting too much emphasis on speedy travel times. They often actively seek out the quickest, most direct shipping routes in order to present their customers with the fastest arrival times, and avoid the extra work that would go into setting up multiple outlets for transportation. However, we here at LeeWay Global Logistics understand that clients who may not be as pressed for time are usually better off with a reputable intermodal shipping route. Rushed shipments can lead to miscalculation and inefficiency.

As long as everything is established correctly through a professional logistics company like LeeWay Global Logistics, intermodal shipping routes can efficiently use a combination of different transportation methods in order to make sure that your cargo arrives safely while managing to drastically cut overall freight costs.

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Equipped To Handle Your Unique Needs

Huge truckload capacity – Over 38,000 carriers, including 3,500 core carrier operators

Specialized Capabilities – Technology allows us to find the best equipment, rail containers and intermodal freight carriers in any location

Cross-border freight – US shipping in and out of Mexico and Canada, with point-of-discharge options and warehousing

Intelligent algorithms – Best carrier match sourced by technology, based on load characteristics

Last Mile – We ensures your freight will get delivered no matter the destination

Drayage Solutions – LeeWay Global offers both asset and non-asset-based container drayage services.

Your Intermodal Freight Broker

We Have You Covered

LeeWay Logistics provides the capacity you demand for secure, reliable delivery and a track record you can count on. Big where it matters and small where it counts, our nationwide footprint supported by regional expertise will take your business where it needs to go with confidence.

24×7 Visibility

Tracking technology will allow you to find out exactly where your shipments are in transit, no matter the time or day.

Increased Capacity

New regulations limiting the number of hours that truck drivers can be on the road has created trucking capacity issues for shippers. Intermodal’s use of railroads works around those capacity challenges.


Intermodal shipments can range in length from 400 miles to coast-to-coast deliveries. Whether you regularly ship projects nationwide or need reliable capacity for your one-off shipments, we work around your schedule to accommodate your intermodal shipping needs.

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Optimized Intermodal Shipments Mean Better Results

Intermodal, which combines truck and rail service, provides greater capacity to move your freight. It can also be more cost-effective and improve your supply chain’s efficiency. Depending on your origin and destination, intermodal can offer transit times that are similar to that of over-the-road trucking.

LeeWay Global Logistics has helped shippers save thousands of dollars in overhead and fuel costs by transitioning their freight to intermodal.

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LeeWay Logistics Has You Covered

Quick Dispatch – Your quote already has carrier lined up and ready to go

No Surprise Expenses – We address freight shipping challenges before they arise

Fast Delivery – Freight teams are available for your expedited long haul deliveries

Dedicated Account Manager – We ensure accuracy and timeliness

Full geographic coverage – Throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada